Ling Wei Zhen Trading

Antiques and collectibles store in Chinatown.
We buy and sell old notes, gold/sliver coins, crystals, porcelains, snuff bottles, wood carvings, jade, old paintings, precious stones, accessories, antiques. We have been operating for 20 years.
Founded by Huang YS.

早期我们在新加坡主要经营古玩买卖,店里收藏各系列古玩,种类品种很多,像是有水晶,鼻烟壶,瓷器,木雕,玉器,字画,紫砂,奇石古玩等等。 后来,我们也不断的继续学习创新,现在也经营旧钞,金银币买卖 (新加坡,中国,马来西亚 等等)。 小店位于49牛车水登婆街,欢迎大家来我们店里参观,我们会尽心为您介绍商品,也希望能切磋知识。 若有适合的旧钞钱币,我们也会高价收购您的旧钞钱币哦!

We are located at Chinatown 49 Temple St, Singapore 058594.
Business hours:
Monday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm